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On my own and on the behalf of the UPF, I wish all Muslims in Uganda and across the globe, a blessed and Peaceful month of Ramadan. The Holy Month of Ramadan is a time of prayer, reflection and reconciliation.  It is against that background that I call upon all Muslims and Ugandans at large, to translate the basic tenets of Peace, love, tolerance, forgiveness and compassion, to promote goodwill and harmony in our country.

With the full re-opening of the economy, I expect this Ramadan to be more joyous, with mosques filled with life, families coming together to share food and prayers.  We should, therefore, cherish this special month and allow the true spirit of Ramadan, to shine.

The public should also know that the post-lockdown period we are in, has created opportunities for crime.  Crimes of opportunity like simple robberies, burglaries, theft, murders have slightly increased.  Another challenge that the country is facing, is the increase in commodity prices, which calls for financial discipline and adjustments in our living standards during Ramadan.

And for those who plan to gather at mosques, places of worship and in homes for prayer and breaking the fast, I wish to remind you, that our country, Uganda still faces, threats of terrorism. Therefore, be extra vigilant and cautious as you gather to pray, while in homes, shopping or travelling.

Despite the challenging circumstances indicated above, I am confident that the prevailing peace, safety and security in the country, will be sustained throughout the fasting period.  Last year, we worked with all Muslim leaders and created patrol routes around all mosques and worship areas.  We also had task teams on standby to respond to all crime, threats and vulnerabilities against Muslims.  I therefore, pledge a peaceful environment.

I once again extend my sincerest wishes to all Muslims in Uganda and wish them good health, prosperity and happiness during the holy month of Ramadan and throughout the remaining year, 2022.

Ramadan Kareem.


J.M.Okoth-Ochola (Esq)

Inspector General of Police

1st April 2022


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