Be Professional and Disciplined, Officers Told

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Police Officers in Rwenzori West, East and Albertine regions have been told to be disciplined and professional as they perform their policing duties.

These remarks were made during a three days ideological orientation workshop held in the regions by a team from the Chief Political Commissariat.

SSP Kwerit Christopher, the head of Political Education in his opening remarks said, “The main objective of this campaign is to instill a sense of professionalism, ideological awareness and patriotism and also to empower officers such that you are seen to be in control hence effective service delivery to the public.”

“The only way to improve the image of the Force is to have officers behaving professionally and with discipline and you can only do that when your attitude towards work is positive, be self driven, don’t wait to be pushed to do work, have morale that’s how the public will gain trust and confidence in what you do. We want to empower you so that you work with zeal and authority,” Kwerit noted.

He also urged officers not to rush to accumulate riches.

“Officers don’t rush to accumulate unnecessary riches. Take your time. Avoid competitions to have the best houses, cars etc. The future is in your hands. Plan effectively with the little salary you earn,” he added.

Rwenzori West Regional Police Commander SSP Kagurura Herbert Bob in his address urged officers to live a healthy life.

“Officers instead of wasting money making expensive birthday parties, why can’t you visit medical officers for comprehensive medical reports and know the status of your health while eating healthy” Kagurura noted.

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