Be exemplary, Maj.Gen Sabiiti urge senior officers

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The Deputy Inspector General of Police, Major General Sabiiti Muzeyi, has urged senior officers to lead by example to their subordinates as they perform their day-to-day duties.
Major General Sabiiti made the remarks today while presiding over the pass out ceremony of 45 police officers that underwent  a four-month Intermediate Command and Staff Course at Police Senior Command and Staff College, Bwebajja, Wakiso District.
“In order to deal with real life issues, which are protection of life and property, this noble calling you chose by yourselves, demands your utmost ….. Be guided by love in all that you do. The skills you have got are to make you the best and efficient as you perform your duties. And lead by example. Let your works, deeds and words follow you so that the rest can emulate who you are. If you choose to sleep early and expect your subordinates to sleep late, forget it. If you drink or be corrupted and expect the majority to behave otherwise, forget it,” he said.
He added that peace and security are a sine-quanon   for prosperity and therefore officers must guard them jealously.
“You don’t come to school here to pass time. You came to this college to get skills to do your job well. Our job is real. It’s not fiction or drama.
 It’s real business. So the skills that your have been given, will go a long way in improving the security of Ugandans,” he said.
“I want to emphasize this. You should be serious and reduce your time of sleep. You have time to sleep, why do you sleep at a time when you are supposed to work? The clock is ticking.
Do right things at the right time,” he said.
He urged officers to uphold virtues of honesty, discipline, and hard work as they will enable them handle assignments with distinction.
He thanked the Commander in Chief of armed forces, the President of Uganda, for the recent investment in anti crime infrastructure, like CCTV cameras, figure printing of weapons, investment in forensic sciences, registration of motor vehicles and motorcycles  which he said  will significantly change policing in Uganda.

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