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The Territorial Police in Busoga East Region and Mayuge CPS, have in custody the LCI defense Secretary of Nkumiro village, Bumwena Parish, Mayuge District a one, Nadamba Mutwalib, aged 20, for the alleged torture and murder by beating of Ahamada Mwima, on the 27.04.2024 at around 8pm. The victim was arrested by the suspect for trespassing at his home, allegedly with the intention to steal.

The victim was transported to Malongo Health Centre III, in critical condition, where he succumbed to the injuries, after 11days on the 8.05.2024.

We do strongly condemn the continuous acts of impunity and mob mentality, by local leaders. They have a duty to safeguard their jurisdictions without violating the civil rights of citizens.








SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

13th May 2024



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