IGP Launches Annual Crime Report 2018

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I am pleased to present to you the Annual Crime and Traffic/Road Safety Report for the year 2018. Let me begin by expressing appreciation to H.E The President of the Republic of Uganda for the strategic guidance towards the fight against crime and for the establishment of anti-crime infrastructure such as installation of CCTV cameras, finger printing of guns, recruitment of LDUs among others.

I also like to thank the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Government of Uganda for the continued support in helping the Police protect and serve Ugandans. Appreciation goes to Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Internal Affairs for their support on the implementation of CCTV project. We acknowledge and commend the continued positive contribution by sister security agencies.

We also commend the contribution by the Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) institutions as well as other development partners for the complementary efforts in fighting crime.

We applaud the vigilance of the population, in general, for their continued invaluable support to augment the efforts of the Police. I also thank Police Management, Men and Women of the Uganda Police Force for their tireless efforts in making our country safe and secure.

CRIME The year 2018 saw a decrease in the volume of crime by 5.2%, where 238,746 cases were registered compared to 252,065 cases registered in 2017. Cases taken to court in 2018 were 73,035. Of these, 22,263 cases secured convictions, 1,248 cases were acquitted while 90,763 cases were still under inquiry by the end of the year. There was however increase in Homicide, Sex Related Crimes, Breakings, Robbery, Political/Media crimes and Narcotic cases. The year also saw unfortunate incidences in which Susan Magara and 15 others were kidnapped and Murdered, Killing of Hon Abiriga Ibrahim, ASP Kirumira Muhammad and Dr. Gwaluka Ibrahim who were shot dead by organized gang of criminals. We are however happy to note that, the criminals involved in these acts have been arrested and committed to High Court for trial, save for the case of Hon. Abiriga Ibrahim.

Annual Crime Report – 2018 Page I ii PROTECT & SERVE UGANDA POLICE I urge the public to desist from taking the law into their hands and instead hand over suspects to Police. Murder as a result of mob action increased by 5.5% from the year 2017. FIRE AND RESCUE There was a 7.3% decrease in fire emergencies handled by Police. This is attributed to increased fire safety sensitization and public awareness campaigns throughout the year 2018. I still urge the public to desist from making false calls to Police about fire incidents.

There were 34 false calls made in 2018. TRAFFIC AND ROAD SAFETY There was a 3.0% reduction in the number of crashes reported in 2018. Fatal crashes however increased by 4.7% and serious crashes reduced by 6.8%.

We shall continue with our road safety programs targeting major causes of accidents such as over speeding, drunk driving and incompetent drivers. Improving road safety is, ultimately, a joint effort between the community and the Police. Once again, I extend my appreciation to the public, JLOS institutions and all other partners for the complementary efforts in fighting crime.

I urge you all to continue supporting the Uganda Police Force to fulfill its mandate. My appreciation also goes to the Director CID and the CID management for the supervisory role they played in coming up with the 2018 Annual Crime Report My appreciation also goes to SSP Suwed Asuman, Ag CP Crime Data management and his team at CID Headquarters as well as all the UPF records personnel throughout the country that put this work together as we protect and serve Ugandans I once again call upon all Ugandans to keep up the spirit of joining hands with the Police in the fight against crime to ensure a crime free society.

For God and My Country

JM Okoth – Ochola (Esq) Inspector General of Police




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  1. Dear Sir,
    Am doing a research on the role of environment police on management of environment crime in the central region. i would like to get information regarding:-
    a) 2017———– reported environment crimes
    b) 2018——— —. do ————-
    c) 2019————-do ————–
    How many were prosecuted ?

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