An update on the Uganda Certificate Examinations 2018

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The distribution of week two examinations was successfully done. By 7.30 am on Monday, all the 470 storage stations in the country had received their examination materials.

There was one anomaly during the distribution process were the area supervisor of Kiwawu station 307 (Mityana) Mr. Dungu Baker, stubbornly sent his Deputy Head Teacher to pick exams at Mityana without the chief scout and security as established regulation. UNEB management prevailed over the situation, but as police we treated the incident as criminal and consequently Dungu was charged of neglect of duty CRB 774/2018, file with state attorney.

As a result of our increased vigilance at storage stations, we found it necessary to shift our focus to examination halls. We have noted that there are notorious schools “Red schools” during examination time and where UNEB has deployed permanent scouts, but we have also attached security personnel to those centers.

A new case of an SNE (Special Needs Education) candidate emerged at Bugahe Secondary School, Bugema where a student broke his arm prior to the CRE examination. UNEB provided the necessary assistive services.

We continue to receive a few isolated cases of examination malpractice.

On the 24th, October, 2018 at Makindye Parents School the examination envelope was delivered less by one paper. As per regulation the chief scout is mandated to do a photo copy for the candidate to sit the exam, which was not the case this time. This was an anomaly and consequently four suspects were arrested.

At Kibazanga High School, Kasese District, a case of external assistance was reported and one Masereka was arrested and is now under police custody.

The first two weeks of the UCE examinations have been smooth. The few short comings highlighted above are manageable and every effort has been put in place to ensure subsequent processes go on efficiently.

SP Lubega Samson. K

Liaison Officer

Directorate of Operations


OCTOBER 26TH, 2018

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