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The leadership of the UPF has instructed all territorial commanders to confiscate all high-power riffles, automatic weapons, some of which are illegally upgraded by local gunsmiths, from security guards. This is a very serious matter, because private security guard, are trained to use semi-automatic rifles, low-scale weapons, batons and other self-defence methods to carry out their guard duties. Those who carry large scale or superior weapons can end up endangering the lives of the public, if the guns are not properly used. Most of the superior or automatic weapons have pellets which when recklessly fired, can endanger the lives of many innocent people including customers, who could be wounded and even killed.

In addition, most security guards have poor levels of vigilance and alertness, that helps in enriching the arsenal of criminals. It’s a concern that many guns have been stolen from the security guards. The threat environment still exists, where guns from Private Security Organisations (PSOs) are targeted.

During the course of last week, the Alert Squad confiscated guns from Magnum, a PSO which had illegally modified their pump action and SAR guns into automatic riffles. They modified the trigger mechanism, magazines of ammunitions to 30 rounds, mounted a scope, into superior weapons which they are prohibited from carrying. We have now tasked them, to lead us to the persons involved in the alteration and modification of these guns. We also believe the local gunsmiths are illegally manufacturing ghost guns for sale to criminals.

The danger with home made guns is that they are not traceable since they are built with parts purchased from the interest and assembled.And once these guns end up in the hands of violent gang members, it leads to an increase in armed violent attacks against members of the community. We are working to arrest the culprits involved in the buying, alteration and modification of low-scale fire arms, and charge them for the illegal manufacturing of assault rifles and criminal conspiracy.

The task team also confiscated a total of 7 guns from private security organisations which were faulty and in poor working condition. These include an unmarked she-gun from Vision security; a faulty SAR from Pinnacle security; a faulty gun mark 4 from Ndugari security; a faulty mark 4 from Premier security Ltd and a faulty shot-gun from Don Ward security. Most of the guns were not serviced and the guards not effectively trained in gun handling skills. The crack down operations continue.




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