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Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Damulira Christopher, director crime inteligence on 21 July 2023 presided over a pipping Ceremony to honor Crime Intelligence Personnel.

During his address, AIGP Damulira preached to the officers the importance of responsibility and dedication in the execution of their roles.

“As you celebrate this significant milestone in your career, I must remind you that promotions come with great responsibility, when you rise in rank, we add you more responsibilities because we have assessed that you qualify to take on added challenges,” AIGP Damulira  cautioned officers.

The ceremony saw a total of 40 officers pipped after their promotion to different ranks.

Furthermore, an additional 58 officers from the Kampala Metropolitan area were also decorated at a separate ceremony, presided over by Senior Commissioner of Police (SCP) Namutebi Hadija who serves as the acting Chief Political Commissioner of Uganda Police Force.

SCP Namutebi advised the officers to maintain discipline and motivate their peers and those under their command.The officers were also tasked to be committed and to uphold the values and principles that the Uganda Police Force represents

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