Aggravated Robbery

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A matter vide CRB/1068/2018 has been reported at Mubende police station.

Reported on Friday by Sensamba Patrick, a supervisor with New Uganda Securiko Ltd.

He said last night, a gang of six unknown people, dressed in black over coats attacked Aponye Uganda Ltd, a produce factory at Bakijulula Village, South Division, Mubende Municipality before using hammers to badly injure the two security guards identified as Umar Ramanzan, a watchman and Bagada Amuza, a security guard with New Securiko Uganda Ltd.

They were robbed of a gun, riffle no. UP108048 M513925 SAR loaded with four rounds of ammunitions, Mobile phones and one ATM card for centenary bank.

The attackers also attempted to break in to rooms but were disrupted by the third security guard, Mwesigwa Robert who had escaped during the attack.

As confirmed by our spokesperson in that region, Norbert Ochom, the scene was visited by a team comprising of canine, SOCO and other investigators.

So far no arrests have been made but inquiries are ongoing.


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