Additional Prime Suspect In Double Kidnap and Murder Arrested

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The Joint Task Team from the Police and CMI, actively investigating the double kidnap and murders of Nagirinya Maria and Ronald Kitayimbwa, finally tracked down and arrested the prime suspect who is alleged to be the plot maker. The suspect whose particulars cannot be availed at this stage, worked closely with Kasolo Kopriano aka Arsenal, who was the team leader.

We are now working hard to corroborate and consolidate his information, to the facts on file. And further establish the clear motivation to the kidnap and murder. This now brings to 5, the total number of suspects involved in the violent criminal act.

We are, however, still hunting for two other bodaboda riders; one who facilitated the process by transporting the suspects, to the scene of kidnap and it is also believed, rode up to Takajjunge in Mukono, where he allegedly surveilled the murder scene, before giving a signal to the team leader, Kasolo Kopriano. The other bodaboda on the run, reached the gate to the victims home but withdrew immediately.

This arrest sends a strong message to all violent criminals, that you cannot hide, you are not beyond reach. However, much you hide, we will find you and bring you to justice.

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