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As the countdown to the festive season continues, we would like to share a list of police emergency numbers, to help the public deal with an emergency or any other critical policing situation, that they might run into. Remember emergencies can arise randomly, when least expected.

It is therefore, important to have the police emergency numbers in your phone or notebook that you carry around with your. When you call these numbers, be patient with our dispatchers, they will help classify your situation into the various categories, with related responses. Some of the calls are not police related an are referred to the respective MDAs or phone counselors.


Listed below are a few emergency numbers that operate 24/7 free of charge which include;


Phone 1 ……………………..0800300102


Phone 2……………………. 0800122291


Phone 2 ……………………. 0800199699

– National Emergency Call Centre (NECC), 999/112 (Toll free Line)

– 0800199399 (Toll Free Line),

– Counter Phone Numbers:- 0776999141, 0707600774, 0718946018.

– Kidnap desk – 0800199991, 0800199992

– Gender Based and Violence Desk- 0800199195

– Whatsapp Desk (Social media) – 0779999999

Examples of emergency situations include

1. General incidents where there is or likely to be a danger to life; use or immediate threat of use of violence; serious injury to a person and or; serious damage to property.

2. Criminal conduct especially where crime is, or likely to be serious and in progress; an offender has been disturbed at the scene, an offender has been detained and poses or is likely to pose a risk to other people.

3. Road traffic incidents that involve or are likely to involve, serious personal injury; the road is blocked or there is a dangerous or excessive build – up of the traffic.

Calling for assistance

All calls made on 999, 112 or other toll free lines are identified, prioritised and responded to by our call handling teams, who ensure that the emergency contacts remain fit for purpose.

Other ways of police reporting

As you are aware the technological advances have a considerable effect on communication preferences by society including digital platforms like whatsapp, Twitter, YouTube, Ticktock, monitoring of Radios and Tvs etc. we have made it convenient for the public to get in contact with us , through these digital platforms.


Simply go online and report your matter. It is more efficient and quicker.

Hard of hearing persons

We encourage them to us the Police Whatsapp number, or channel their concerns through the police sign language interpreters.


Always call 999 or other emergency contacts, is someone’s life or property is in immediate danger or if there is a crime taking place at the time. If there is no immediate risk to you, someone elce or a property, kindly consider using one of the other ways of contacting us would be better.

The persistent misuse of 999, puts lives at risk and should be avoided.

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