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The Territorial Police in North Kyoga has in custody one female suspect, who was found in possession of 3 out of the 9 recovered stolen motor cycles, from Lira City. The Joint Task Teams in North Kyoga, picked intelligence about a criminal gang that had specialised in the Aggravated robbery of motor cycles, and subsequent murders of its riders. As a result, a serious operation was conducted in Otwe “B” village, Obangangeo Parish, Acaba sub-county in Oyam district, at the home of Ocen Maxwell, where 3 motorcycles, under registration numbers, UDR 589N, UFJ566V and UFL 373Z were recovered. The suspect Ocen Maxwell was not found at home, and his wife Sarah Ocen, was arrested for abetting and harbouring crime.

The operation was extended to the home of Ayo Ambrose, where 6 suspected stolen motor cycles were recovered. These included motor cycles under registration numbers UDK 553G, UFG 741R, UFH642V, UEC 771X, UFG 431T, UFN 227S, and an assortment of motor cycle spares. It was established that one of the motor cycles was robbed from Engim Kennedy, at Senior Quarters in Lira City, after he was hit with a hammer and murdered. Another motor cycle registration number UEC 771X, was robbed from Etum Albert, after he was hit with a hammer along Kabalega road, Ireda-Lumumba, and killed. In addition, motorcycle registration number UFL 373Z, was allegedly robbed from Okwir Patrick, while attending church in Apac district.

All the 9 motorcycles are believed to have been stolen from Lira City. We therefore, call upon the owners to liaise with Oyam Police, for further verification. We also call upon the local community to volunteer information that can lead to the arrest of Ocen Maxwell and Ayo Ambrose, who are the two prime suspects behind the Aggravated Robberies of motor cycles in Lira City. Our operations to disrupt and dismantle such kinds of violent and deadly crimes in all communities, are still active and ongoing.


SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

29th August 2022



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