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The Police Disciplinary Standby Court at Police Headquarters, charged 8 officers for Professional Misconduct.  This followed an internal misconduct investigation by the Professional Standards Unit which also recommended that the officers undergo a disciplinary process.

Seven officers who included; ASP Byansi Mohammed, ASP Nizeyimana Andrew, ASP Okello Allan, D/AIP Baguma Sunday, CPL Owona Samuel, PC Basaliza Joshua and PC Kitute Deo, were jointly charged with Neglect of Duty C/S 44(1), Code 19(a), (b), (c) of the Police Act, Cap 303.  The officers, it is alleged, neglected to promptly and diligently attend to their duty, as on the 28/08/2019 and 29/08/2019 in KMP South, when they failed to immediately respond to a report of a kidnap, which affected the eventual response towards the victims, Maria Nagirinya and Ronald Kitayimbwa.

An additional officer, D/CPL Kibikwamu Reuben, pleaded not guilty to the charge of Discreditable or Irregular Conduct C/s 44(1), Code 12 of the Police Act, Cap 303.  It is alleged, he acted in a manner likely to bring discredit to the reputation of the Uganda Police Force and cause injury to public service, when on the 28/08/2019 and 29/08/2019, at Nateete Police Station, he failed to professionally attend to the relatives of Maria Nagirinya and Ronald Kitayimbwa, who had sought his assistance.

All the 8 defaulters appeared before the Police Headquarters Disciplinary Standby Court on the 21/10/2019 and pleaded not guilty.  They are all presumed innocent at this point and court has to either prove or disprove the allegations against them.

This case clearly demonstrates how the force is well prepared to robustly address all issues of Professional Misconduct, in order to uphold the highest standards of policing.  All officers are reminded of their duty to uphold the law and display the highest level of professionalism in the course of their duties.  Therefore, any officer who compromises confidence in the force will always be dealt with appropriately.


CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

23rd Oct. 2019

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