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The Joint Leadership of the Security Agencies, has come out to congratulate all Muslims and well-wishers in Uganda, upon the successful and peaceful celebration of Eid- Al- Fitr. Reports from across the country, indicate that millions of Muslims attended mosques and places of worship for prayers. And for the first time in two years, it was an opportunity for many Muslim families, to connect with their loved ones, for parties and other community celebratory events, due to the massive reduction in COVID-19 case.   In addition, all concerts and other shows were effectively secured. Our teams worked closely and consistently, with proprietors of venues, hotels as well as organizers and promotors of these events.

They in addition thanked all security personnel who jointly policed the Labor Day and Eid celebrations across the country, amidst existing threats of terrorism.  We are therefore, happy that everyone who participated in the Eid prayers returned home safely. Our officers also worked effectively with ushers, maintenance staff and other local security personnel, to provide security at interior or exterior perimeters, thorough screening and search processes, standard access controls at almost all major venues. Those venues that did not meet the minimum standards for security clearance were blocked.


The public and other stakeholders should know that security at places of gathering is not only about the threat of terrorism. There are very many challenges associated with crowds at major events, like keeping the venue safe for artists and fans, kickout unruly guests, breakout fights, turnover drunkards and other serious or problem makers. In addition, a lot of attention is always put at the commencement of the celebratory events, but unfortunately, vigilance is lowered at later stages, as the event comes to an end. We therefore, need to remain vigilant throughout the entire event.

Once again, we want to inform the public to always remain vigilant. Terrorism is a problem that can be managed, but not completely eradicated. Always be observant and alert security, if you spot anything suspicious. Remember its extraordinarily difficult, to secure all soft and vulnerable targets. Therefore, it is better to identify those within our communities who are potential attackers, terrorists or extremists, so that we prevent them from committing atrocities against Ugandans and other visitors in the country.


CP Fred Enanga

Press and Public Relations Officer

Uganda Police Force



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