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The Territorial Police in Greater Bushenyi and Sheema, have in custody 7 students of Nganwa High School, Kabwohe for inciting violence, on the 9.10.2023 at around 10pm. It has been a traditional at the school, where S.4 students are beaten by students, from the rest of the classes, as a way of bidding them farewell. This time round the S.4 candidates, organised themselves and attacked students from other classes that sparked off serious clashes among students within the school.

The police from Sheema responded and restored sanity at the school. The 7 ring leaders were identified and arrested. These include; Nuwasharamu Propser,  18 year old, (S.4), Andinda Roden, 18 (S.4), Nganzi Owen, 18, (S.4), Kato Timothy, 18 (S.4) Akandwanaho Allan, 19 (S.4), Nuwasiima Saul, 17 and Matama Samuel. The student victims who were injured during the fights were rushed to Sheema hospital for treatment. These include; Aruho Benon, 19 year old, S.4 student and Mustafa an S.5 student.

In a separate development the police in Aswa West and Gulu West has 4 students from Gulu West Division, attacked a one Rubangakene Samuel a 29 year old resident of Airfields cell, Bardego ward, in Gulu City on the 10.10.2023 at around 5:40am, and assaulted him to death over a girl. The suspects were returning from a Disco hall. The body of the deceased was retrieved from the road side between Gulu Army SS and St. Jude Orphanage Primary School. The 4 suspects include; Rubangakene Paul David, an 18 year old student, Okot Ivan Anthony, an 18 year old student, Lual Deng Dit, an 18 year old, South Sudan student and Opoka Ammalon a 15 year old male juvenile.

We strongly condemn these acts of violence by students and we call upon all school administrators to remind students of the importance of resisting peer pressure to act responsibly.


SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

12th October 2023

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