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The territorial police in Albertine and Kagadi have in custody 7 criminal gang members, who form part of a wider network that has been terrorising residents in Kagadi district, through armed robberies and attacks, for the last two months. As a result the police and UPDF conducted an intelligence led operation in Muhorro town council, where an AK 47 gun, a magazine with 4 rounds of ammunitions, 6 pairs of military camouflage clothes were recovered from their premises.

The 6 suspects include; Pte Kato Ivan, a 34 year old army deserter, Aliganyira Richard, a 34 year old of Khumbi village in Kyenjojo district, Fina Patrick, a 34 year old barber of kahungabunyonyi in Fortportal city, Luweza Chris a 25 year old, bodaboda rider of Rwengoma cell in Fortportal, Kyaligonza Yasin alias, Boy, a 26 year old from Kyakasana village in Kagadi district, Agaba Januarious, a 26 year old,   Manager of Service Point Bar, Nyamariga cell in Kagadi district and Katushabe Natasha a 19 year old, barmaid at Service Point Bar.

The group was being led by the army deserter, Pte Kato Ivan, with their operations conducted mostly in Kagadi district. They were using service point bar, as their meeting point, planning zone and their hide out, before and after the robberies, with the knowledge of the bar owner.

The exhibits of a gun and ammunitions were submitted to ballistic experts, to establish whether there are other ballistic hits linked to, the gun. Investigations are also being expanded to establish whether other member, of the public were victimised by the criminal gang.

The arrest of the suspects and recovery of exhibits, shows our level of commitment and dedication in the fight against violent armed criminals. We believe the arrest of the criminal gang, will restore sanity and peace in Kagadi district.

SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

7th November 2023

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