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The Directorate of Crime Intelligence in coordination with Kamuli Police, arrested 6 suspects linked to a follow-home and front-gate attack and robbery, against Opio Ali, a 30 year old mobile money dealer in Kamuli.  The victim was dropped on the 15.03.2022,a around 8pm, at Denning zone, Mulamba ward, Southern division in Kamuli Municipality.  As he was walking towards the gate, he was viciously attacked by a gang of criminals who emerged from the gate and grabbed the bag containing cash used in his business.  The victim was also injured when he got involved in a physical altercation with the armed robberies.  He was rushed to Kamuli General Hospital for medical attention where he succumbed to the injuries.  The suspect had robbed the killer gun from a private security guard, of Blue Light Guards Uganda called John Matege, whom they attacked on the 17.03.2022 and beat him to death. And then robbed his gun.

We urge the public to take extra care when leaving and returning home.  Follow-home robberies and front-gate attack, where suspects trail and surveil their targets, is one of the most serious and potentially dangerous crimes in the country.

Our task teams responded to the incident and a serious manhunt for the suspects began.  So far 6 suspects who form part of the gang were arrested. These include; Matege Joseph, Mukisa William, Mwebya Joel, Lubuka Alex, Kuteira Janat and Katajja Moses.  Multiple searches were conducted in their homes and exhibits of evidential values recovered from their homes, including the gun that the suspects used in the commission of the offence, 6 live ammunitions, a panga and the deceased’s bag.  Efforts to trace the other gang members ongoing.

It is therefore, important that potential victims reduce the chance, of becoming targets. Personal safety is the number one priority, when planning how to reach to a front-gate robbery.

We urge the public to practice safety measures while near the gate.  Always alert the people at home to inspect the main gate and search the area.  If all is clear, they can then signal   you to proceed home.  In addition, maintaining a well-lit and visible entrance is crucial, ensure signs, displays and plants do not obstruct the front-gate view from the road.  Surveillance lighting that detects and observes pedestrians and vehicular movements at the front-gate can also help.

In certain high-risk areas, consideration of security guards is necessary.  Never hesitate to call the police to report suspicious actions of people outside the gate or premises, because they may turn out to be criminals monitoring the premises, layout of the areas, etc.  At times follow-home robbers trail you up on bodabodas and motor vehicles, so be out of the look for suspicious motorists.

The victim in this follow -home robbery was injured when he tried to put up resistance, which was dangerous.  He was rushed to Kamuli General Hospital and later transferred to Jinja Regional Referral hospital, where he succumbed to the injuries.  The overriding consideration in dealing with a robbery is to reduce the possibility of an injury.  In most situations, robbers never hurt any one who cooperates.  Money is not worth risking a life, therefore, do not resist, do not attempt to introduce weapons during the robbery, remember the longer the robbery takes the more nervous and dangerous the robbery may become.


We encourage, victims where possible to be observant and make mental notes of the number of robbers, their physical characteristics like, age, sex, weight, speech patterns, scars, marks, clothing, smell of alcohol drugs etc.




CP Enanga Fred


Police Spokesperson


21st March 2022





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