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As you are all aware, last week the territorial police in KMP, through its  divisions of Entebbe, Kajjansi and Kawempe, charged 59 suspects to court, with holding unlawful assemblies and acts of incitement to violence, under the guise of the “one million march” of welcoming the NUP President, on the 5.10.2023.  Upon legal guidance, from the ODPP, 46 suspects were charged under Kajjansi police division for holding an unlawful assembly, C/S 65 and 66 of the Penal Code Act, at Entebbe Police Division, 9 suspects were charged, for taking part in an unlawful assembly, while in Kawempe division, 4 suspects were charged to court for inciting violence, C/S 82 (1) of the Penal Code Act.

 An additional 37 suspects were released on police bond under Entebbe police division, and are expected to report back, on the 12.10.2023. In Kasangati, the police are tracing for suspects, who used tyres and petrol to set fire on the roads, thus causing damage to it. Upon arrest they will be charged for various road offences. We are further trailing other social media and digital platforms to identify persons who participated in similar crimes indicated above.

The list of 46 suspects charged to court under Kajjansi police division includes; Nakanjako Ruth, a 44 year old, councillor of Lubowa cell, Nakazibwe Halima, a 39 yea rold Nurse of Ndejje, Nasiwa Fatuma, a 40 year old councillor of Lubugumu, Birabwa Zainab, a 35 year old, councillor of Busablala, Nakidde Hadijah a 56 year old, councillor of Kikuubi, Ssitenda Hanifah, a 48 year old, businessman of Masajja “A” cell, Nalwanga Josephine, a 35 year old, teacher of Mutundwe ward, Nakyazze Sarah, a 32 year old, councillor of Kirimanyaga, Nalwanga Faridah Kasozi, a 41 year old, teacher of Mirimu cell, Namakula Juliet, a 35 year old, councillor of Makindye, Namugenyi Hadijah, a 51 year old, councillor of Lufuka zone, Nalweyiso Mary, a 64 year old, councillor of Ssabagabo Municipality, Katagirya Brian, a 42 year old Mason of Bunamwaya, Nkanji Charles, a 34 year old of Ziranumbu cell, Katerega John Kelly,  35 year old, Veterinary Assistant of Buggu cell, Kagimu Chris, a 40 year old councillor of Lufuka cell, Kaweesi Eddy, a 44 year old businessman of Kirinda cell, Mukasa Herbert, a 37 year old, teacher of Namasuba, Ssewanyana Andrew Samuel. a 24 year old, Councillor of Ndejje division, Kyakwambala Robert, a 25 year old, Speaker of Masajja division, Kaye Emmanuel, a 46 year old, from Lweza “A” cell, Musuza Muhamad, a 54 year old, resident of Lweza “A” cell, Walakira Kenedy, a 35 year old businessman of Lweza “A” cell, Ziwa Yusuf, a 38 year old, Chairman of Lweza “A” cell, and Lumala Muhammad, a 30 year old Speaker of Bunamwaya division,

Others include; Ssemwanga Godfrey, a 56 year old, Mayor for Makindye Ssabagabo, Lule Farouk, a 27 year old resident of Ndejje, Wasswa Lawrence, a 40 year old electrician of Lweza “B” cell, Ssendago Joseph, a 38 year old, businessman of Namasuba, Tamale Ahamada Katumba, a 68 year old resident of Bunamwaya , Nalubega Veronica, a 30 year old, resident of Lweza “B” cell,  Nantongo Sarah, a 49 year old, resident of Lubowa cell, Sonko Muhammad, a 38 year old, resident of Masajja, Dr. Ssonko Shafiq Ismail, a 34 yea old Dentist of Ndejje cell, Hon. Namusisi Desiranta Nassolo, councillor Makindye Ssabagabo, Kasozi Ismail, a 36 year old of Lweza “A” cell, Hon. Ecodu Martin, a 53 year old councillor, Masajja B, Hon. Kyambadde Frank, a 33 year old, of Lweza “A” cell, Kinkumu David, a 25 year old, of Bunamwaya, Kamala Moses, a 47 year old Deputy Mayor of Makindye Ssabagabo, Nteeko Brian, a 26 year old, Personal Assistant, Mayor Makindye, Ssematimba Jimmy, a 37 year old, of Karuma cell, Isabirye Siraje, a 33 year old driver to the Mayor, and Kulabako Mutebi, a 58 year old Mason of Ndejje Central, who on the 4.10.2022, at Lubowa cell in Wakiso district, assembled at the home of Ssemwanga Godfrey, in Lubowa cell, in preparation to conduct an unlawful procession, code named, “One million march under the National Unity Platform”, which such procession would needlessly and without reasonable occasion provoke other persons to commit a breach of peace.

In Entebbe police division, the following were charged for taking part in an unlawful assembly C/S 65(1) and 66 of the Penal Code Act; Katabazi James, a 46 year old, of Kitala, Semwanga Henry, a 26 year old, of Kiwafu cell, Kakooza Frank, a 38 year old, Pastor of Abaita Ababiri, Namuli Joyce a 39 year old of Kabale cell – Katabi, Babirye Amina, a 21 year old of Kabala cell, Mugerwa Ssali Emmanuel, a 27 year old, mason of Kitala and Kasirye Gerald, a 30 year old, driver of Bugabo, who with others still at large on the 4.10.2023, at Abaita ababiri town council in the Wakiso district, being assembled with intent to carry out some common purpose, conducted themselves in a manner likely to cause persons in the neighbourhood, to fear, that the persons so assembled would commit a breach of the peace or provoke other persons, to commit a breach of peace.

An additional two suspects namely, Ssenfuka Vincent, a 23 year old of Kisubu and Katongole Muhammad, a 21 year old, of Bunono and others still at large on the 4.10.2023 at Kisubi and Namulanda in the Wakiso district, took part in an unlawful assembly C/S 65 (1) and 66 of the Penal Code Act.

Under Kawempe division, 4 suspects were arrested for inciting violence C/S 82(1) of the Penal Code Act. These include; Kanyike Francis, a 21 year old barber of Masaya zone, Rubaga, Byakatonda Isaac, a 25 year old boda boda rider of Busega, Nakachwa Rebecca a 26 year old of Nakulabye and Kigongo Isma, a 26 year old, driver of Nansana, who on the 5.10.2023, at Kawempe division, in the Kampala district, incited people to do an act of violence against government.

As the police and sister security agencies, we continue to urge the public to desist from such acts of incitement to violence and unlawful behaviour, and further encourage them to report any individuals or groups that planned or were involved in any violent or disruptive acts associated with the “one million illegal march”. The task team comprised of KMP, CID, ODPP, CMI, ISO, Crime Intelligence, SFC, FFU, CT, K9, Traffic, Medical, PRO to mention a few.

SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

11th October 2023

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