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The Territorial Police in North West Nile region and Arua CPS, carried out targeted operations and raids, on criminal hubs, within 17 cells in Arua City, where 59 notorious gang members were arrested and also impounded 15 motorcycles (including 12 numberless) Ssenke model, that were being used in ride-along attacks and robberies of pedestrians, women, business people, civil servants and other members of the community. The thugs would snatch smartphones, bags, wallets, and other valuables, while on the motorcycles, or stop and put victims on knife-point, and rob from them.

The task team first conducted an intelligence led operation on the 25.03.2024 in the criminal hubs, located in the cells of Ediofe, mission, Lumumba, Oli “D”, Arua primary, Air Japan, Drivers corner, Upper Bibia, Adriko among others, were 32 notorious suspects were arrested, 7 numberless motorcycles, used by the group impounded several dangerous weapons of pangas, knives, and sharp implements were recovered as well.

Again on the 28.03.2024, another raid was carried out in the areas of Awindiri, Lobida, Buruku, Terego, and Ophanage villages, were 27 suspects were arrested with 8 motorcycles (5 numberless), dangerous sharp implements and narcotic substances impounded/recovered from them.

The charges in these separate cases related to a wide range of alleged illegal activity including use of narcotic drugs, robbery, attempted murders, possession of dangerous weapons etc.

As you are all aware, criminal gangs like these ones, threaten the safety of our neighbourhoods, through the violent attacks, use of narcotic substances and recruitment of young children into crime, which is very dangerous. With the arrests made, we are sending a clear message, that as the Joint Security Agencies, we are committed to dismantling gangs, using our task teams, undercover operations, and surveillance techniques, to restore order in our neighbourhoods. We want to thank the community, local leaders, victims and the media, for volunteering information to the police.




SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

2nd April 2024



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