UPF MOBI App Upgraded with more features

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As we continue to fight against the spread of Covid-19 Pandemic, the Uganda Police Force application (UPF MOBI APP) has been expanded with 6 more improved features for public use.

These include; a map which can help a person seeking help to locate a police station or post nearest to him or her. Contacts of officers from different policing units are accessible using this application. The App, when downloaded to an individual’s phone can quickly help the nearest police to connect a person in need of help to the patrollers and other response units in the callers’ locality for a faster response.

Also, to note, one can use the App to check if his or her vehicle has outstanding traffic penalties/tickets this gives instant results.

A team of IT experts from our Directorate of Information Technology has been carefully selected to manage this app, receive and manage information shared on this app and to connect to response units in case of need.

We believe this will reduce response time to incidents, thus minimizing pain and loss.

The App has also been upgraded to maintain a record of lost and found properties such as National Identification cards. Already, one can access a list of lost and found National ID’s being kept at different Police station using this App. A record of missing persons reported to Police can also be accessed using the MOBI APP.

We, therefore, encourage everyone to download the MOBI APP and follow the simple steps to personalize it to one’s phone. This will ease access and information sharing with the nearest Police in any area in Uganda.

Easy steps to download the application:

-Simply go to play store in/on your phone (for smart phone users).
-Download UPF MOBI APP.
-Follow the steps to personalize the App to your phone.

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