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We would like to inform the general public that a joint security task team has today 24th July 2020 arrested and detained 5 suspects over promotion of sectarian tendencies.

The suspects who were working as “Commedians” using a stage name BAZONTO were identified by thier real names as the following :

1.Ssabakaki Simon Peter
alia Akozonto akato

2.Ssewanja Julius
alia Ssabazonto

3.Mbabali Merceli
alias Giant zonto

4.Gold Kimatono.
Jjaja zonto.

Arrested also, is Kamya Saul Muro a. k. a Baryanengwe whose video is so threatening and savagely fierce.

The 5 were arrested following a recording of selected videos that were uploaded and later shared on various social media platforms, unfortunately with the potential of causing hatred and unnecessary apprehension.

Police also noted that some of the videos had threats of attack on government, and individuals upon which we timely came in to avert the situation.

Whereas Uganda Police Force is cognisant, and indeed respect freedom of speech, the public should take note that such rights are not absolute especially when it is likely to lead to, OR prove imminent unlawful acts.

We wish to warn individuals or groups of people, that Uganda Police Force in due process of exercising our mandate, shall not hesitate to take action against errant characters who disguise in the entertainment industry to cause grave threats to the security and stability of the country.

We strongly discourage such criminal acts and we call upon the general public to fathom our actions, and join us in the fight against such acts which may bleed to vicious crimes.

Protect and serve

Twiine Mansio Charles


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