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The territorial police in Serere has in custody 4 female siblings for the murder of their 65-year-old father, Okure John, who was a retired worker at Igola Research station, Serere, and resident of Igora II village Okulonyo parish, Orio sub-county in Serere district. The facts gathered reveal that on the 15.06.2022, a one Martha Akwango returned from school while crying, after she got possessed by evil spirits. When she reached at their home, her 3 other female siblings, started praying over her, to cast away the demons that had attacked her.

During the prayers, the 3 female siblings, while casting out demons from their younger sister, attacked their father inside the home they shared, and beat him to death. They further poked out both his eyes, which in their vision, was fired with evil spirit, and the cause of the demonic attacks on them.


The attack was so violent that blood splatter was seemingly everywhere and both eyes poked out. The siblings who include; Achumo Deborah, Achom Ester, Ikwadi Susan and Akwango Martha were arrested for the biological murder of their father. It is a spiritually influenced on their allegedly devilish father, that is very difficult for any normal person to comprehend. They are being processed on murder charges.




CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

20th June 2022



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