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Last week, 4 deaths were registered in a mine and two other quarries, which calls for better safety protocols at mines and quarries. As you are all aware, we have a history where most of the people who die in mines and quarries, are trapped and suffocate to death. For instance; On the 19.03.2024 at around 5am, two casual workers, namely Nsengiyunva, aged 24 and Nteziryaho, aged 34, entered in the gold mines sites of Lujinji “B” village, for their routine gold mining work. The two victims were trapped due to lack of oxygen and suffocated to death. The mining pit, belonged to Kityo and lacked safety gears, electricity and supply of oxygen. The victims ran out of oxygen at 4pm after 16 hours in the mine. Their bodles were retrieved and examined at Kassanda Health Centre IV.

Another incident was registered ont he 22.03.2024 at 4:30pm at a quarry for excavating murram, in Namukekendu village, Bubago parish in Namutumba district, where a one Gawule Brian, aged 18, died after the quarry roof curved in and buried him to death. Another brother identified as Mishelo Michael, was rescued and rushed to Bukonte Health Centre III for treatment. The site had no safety protocols.

And then on the 23.03.2024, at around 4pm, a stone quarry, at Kumbugwe Hill, Kasala village, Nakifuma Naggalama Town Council in Mukono district, collapsed and buried, Namwanje Esther, while mining stones. Concerned residents tried to rescue her, but in vain after they found her dead. The body was taken to Kayunga Hospital for post-mortem examination.

The incidents above highlights the serious danger that mines and quarries have. There are no safeguards in form of rescue equipment, electricity, constant supply of oxygen, no lifeguards, the walls have fractures from blastings and often collapse from weights or vibrations.

Falls are the number one cause of death is miens and quarries, which makes excavation and mining so dangerous. The rocks and soils above or the sides can break free or mining activity, can destabilise an entire face of rock.

Another big risk in mines and underground quarries is Asphyxiation. These mines contain dangerous gases or have low levels of oxygen. Some victims do not realise that they are inhaling dangerous air, until its late. Other causes of death include electrocution, passage collapse and rock falls, drowning.

However, some of those deaths can be prevented if citizens know the dangers and counter them with safety measures. All our territorial commanders have been tasked to work with stakeholders and inspect all mines and quarries. Those deemed unfit for mining, should be closed until the right safeguards are put in place.




SCP Enanga Fred


Police Spokesperson


25th March 2024



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