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We wish to inform the public that we have registered two separate deadly suicide attacks, within, Kampala City, on the 16.11.2021 at 10.03am and 10.06am respectively.

The first attack occurred near the check point to the Central Police Station, in Kampala at around 10.03am.  The fresh footages on CCTV clearly indicate how a male adult, putting on a black jacket, and carrying a back pack, detonated himself.  He died instantly and the spillover effect, caused additional injuries to police officers and other civilians who were within a radius of 30 metres.  Two other people have been confirmed dead, while several others sustained very critical injuries.  Those injured were within the section covering the point of impact and the front desk area at the Central Police Station.

Another bomb blast occurred within three minutes at Raja Chambers and Jubilee Insurance Building along the Parliament Avenue.  Two suicide bombers were clearly captured, on motorcycles, disguising as bodaboda riders.  They detonated the bombs they were carrying on themselves, that killed them instantly. The spill over effects damaged several motor vehicles and buildings at both scenes of attack.

Both scenes have been cordoned off by our Joint Counter-terror task teams. So far 33 injured victims, 5 critically, have been rushed to Mulago National Referral Hospital, for further treatment.  Our thoughts are with those who have lost their loved ones.  We also wish a speedy recovery to the injured.

These attacks come 22 days after the last suicide bomb attack on a Swift Safaris Bus.  It clearly shows that the ADF linked radicalized groups, still have a desire to carry out lethal attacks, on soft targets, using suicide attackers and improvised explosive devices.

These kinds of threats remain significant because IEDs and suicide bomb jackets, can easily be built from common household, items found in local markets, retail shops and supermarkets.  Many businesses unconsciously sell these items, that are used to sell bombs, which calls for extra vigilance.  We encourage all business persons and the public, to voluntarily report suspicious activities, such as persons buying large amounts of chemicals and materials that can be used to build bombs.

As the Joint Security Agencies, we do strongly condemn these senseless and heinous attacks within the city.  Although, three suicide bombers, died in the double bomb attacks, our CT response teams managed to pursue a fourth suicide bomb attacker, identified as Moze and cornered him at Bwaise.  They shot and injured him, and immediately after, recovered an unexploded improvised explosive device on him. A second IED was recovered from his home, at Katooke – Nansana village, which the bomb squad, have neutralized.  We are now pursuing other members of the terror groups.

Although, our Joint Counter Terror teams, have mitigated bomb threats and attacks for the last 22 days, today’s breakthrough attacks, show that we still need to do more, to pre-empt, penetrate and prevent deadly attacks by domestic extremists, in the days to come.

As you are all aware, we have managed to counter several bomb threats, and also neutralized several suspicious packages and device-related incidents across the nation.  For now, the bomb threats are still active, and cannot be solved in one go, which calls for the popular intelligence and vigilance of the community.

Once again, we would like to reassure all Ugandans and visitors to the country, that we continue to pursue all terrorists, their agents, operatives and collaborators, to help prevent the re-emergence of such acts of domestic terror.


CP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

16th November 2021

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