3 ARRESTED: Counterfeits, Obtaining Money Under False Pretense

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There are complains coming up from the members of the public within Lira Town of ATM, Mobile Money and counterfeit currencies related fraudsters that have victimized the softly targeted persons.

As the Police we want to categorically inform the public that fraud is a crime and therefore in the same regard warn them that they should be very vigilant especially when they go about their transactions using the ATM cards and Mobile Money businesses because our intelligence report indicates that these fraudsters often masquerade around the bank premises and Mobile Money points within the town and fraudulently engage their victims in the name of assisting them to operate the ATM and at the end access people’s PIN numbers and change people’s ATM cards where they disappear with it and withdraw people’s money from another ATM access points within town.

These organized criminals do the similar tricks to the mobile money operators where they deceive them by depositing fake currencies and vanish away.

Similarly, this afternoon of 18/9/2018 at around 1300hrs, 3 people claiming to be students from Bright light College along Juba Road within Lira Town were apprehended and handed over to Police by the Bank security Guards at Housing Finance Bank with 6300 fake USD worth 29 million Ush. The suspects are ; Ongel Ambros M/A 19 from Alebtong District, Ochero Peter M/A 18 from Otuke District and Abwon Morris M/A 18 from Oyam District all claiming to be students of S.4 are currently being held at Lira CPS on the alleged possession of counterfeit notes vide SD Ref. 34/18/09/2018.

The Police detectives are yet to confirm from the management of Brightlight College whether they have such students because they did not have any identification documents with them at the time of their arrest. As we are all aware that Students are reporting back to school, these seasonal criminals take advantage to target those clearing fees at Banks.

People therefore should be very vigilant and report such persons to any relevant authorities for intervention and on the same note do warn whoever shall be caught offside the law in regard such crimes shall be prosecuted within the provisions of the law.


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