Traffic Alert
The Territorial Police in KMP North and Old Kampala CPS, are actively investigating a case of demanding money by menace involving individuals identified as Fifu Siraji, Ssempala Assadu, Kajubi Noah, Kiiza Swadik and Maniragaba Gerald.
The facts gathered indicate that on April 11,2024, at approximately 8:00am, a group of bodaboda riders complained about rampant arrests and extortion, by members of the Kampala Bodaboda Central leadership. It was reported that the perpetrators were demanding money from the riders, and those who failed to comply were being taken and confined to their office located along Martin Road in Kampala. Following the received information, a follow-up operation was conducted a task team from Old Kampala CPS, leading to the recovery of twenty-one (21) motorcycles.
The following motorcycles, belonging to the victims, were impounded during the operation:-
UGC 476A
UDH 350K
UDW 746G
UEW 151V
UEU 504F
UGB 277J
UFQ 415D
UET 287Y
UES 503Z
UGA 009W
UEJ 049B
UBB 327Y
UFD 001U
UFM 562Q
UGC 522A
UFF 869B
UFL 171L
UFB 236C
UFS 264D
UFG 364D
UGB 712Z
The Uganda Police Force is taking this matter seriously and is conducting a thorough investigation into the allegations of demanding money by menaces. The recoveries of the motorcycles and serious manhunt for the suspects shows our commitment to ensuring the safety and security of all individuals, including bodaboda riders, within the community.
We urge anyone with additional information or any other victims to come forward and provide their statements to assist in the ongoing investigations.
SCP Enanga Fred
Police Spokesperson
15th April 2024

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