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The Joint Anti-vandalism task force has in custody 19 suspects highly linked to the rampant cases of vandalism of electricity infrastructure in various parts of the country. Among those arrested are Atul Anad, an Indian businessman of Kisugu-Muyenga, Sekabembe Nicholas of Mbalwa village, Sempijja Joseph of Ndejje-Kanaba zone, Mukasa Philip, Nagadya Lilian. We are also tracking down Kirumira Richard who escaped upon sighting our teams. An assortment of exhibits of electrical wires and UMEME electrical appliances were recovered in the areas of Kampala, Nsooba, Mulago, Kawempe, Kisugu, Kansanga and Wakiso.

We wish to warn those other perpetrators of vandalism, that their criminal activity and malicious incidents, conducted against the grid, are being regarded as deliberate acts of typical sabotage. Vandalism is an inconvenience to clients, but also dangerous to those who carry it out, since the pylons and other electricity infrastructure have a danger of death signs. Therefore, the vandals put their lives at risk, when they vandalize the electricity equipment.

We continue to remind the public that a monetary reward awaits whoever shares with us information that can lead to the arrest of suspects and the recovery of tangible exhibits. The 19 suspects are being processed on charges of interfering with electrical installation which is 85(a)(b)(c) of the electricity amended Act (4) 2022, and for being in possession of suspected stolen property.

We are also happy that the power sector is enhancing the security of critical sub-stations through the deployment of security guards 24/7, camera technology, fencing and shielding (target hardening), increased lighting and trimming undergrowth to remove hiding places.

CP Enanga Fred


Police Spokesperson


26th July 2022

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