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We wish to inform the public, that the 13 Ugandans who were allegedly abducted by the South Sudanese authorities in Koch sub county Yumbe district, in retaliation, towards the arrest of Ernesto Tumia a South Sudanese Chief of Bori Boma, for fuelling land conflicts

Since the 13.12.2021, a one Ernesto Tumia, a 52 year old, a South Sudanese Chief of Bori village, Kejikeji county in South Sudan, has been entering Uganda with soldiers from the SSPDF, up to Fitina Mbayo village, and parceling out land, and allocating it to South Sudanese. Again, on the 8.09.2023, the suspect while in company of the South Sudanese Army, formed more South Sudanese and gave them land, which led to his arrest by the UPDF.

In retaliation, the South Sudanese Army and authorities, arrested 13 Ugandans, and held them till the 14.09.2023, when they were handed over at 2 pm, at AFOGI BORDER POST, in Moyo district, to the Ugandan Authorities headed by the LCV Chairperson Yumbe Hon. Aseku Abdul Mutalibu, DISO Yumbe and others. In exchange Ernesto Tumia was handed over through the Commandant OPM Bididi refugee camp, Nabugere Joel Michael, in liaison with South Sudan authorities.

These handed over include; Vuni Badru, Aliku Amiza, Alias, Boy, Saidi Lombe, Taban, Ezati Philliam, Ayiko Cosmas, Odama Sam, Diof Gaddafi, Reagan Ali, Kanda innocent Samuel was still held pending handover  of Ernest Tumia

On the 13.09.2023, both Ugandans and South Sudan authorities, conducted a Joint meeting and emphasized peaceful co-existence. Several measures have been put in place by the Joint Security Agencies, to avert any infiltrations at  Kock Sub county in Yumbe district.

SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

18th Sept. 2023

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