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The Territorial Police in KMP South, in close coordination with the territorial teams in Kajjansi and Katwe, conducted several operations in their areas, and cracked down, on criminal gangs actively involved in the Aggravated Robbery of boda boda motorcycles. The operation which began on the 08.10.2022, has so far led the arrest of 17 notorious suspects including dealers and the successful recovery of 124 suspected stolen motorcycles. The operations were based on intelligence following several robberies of boda bodas, attacks on bodaboda riders, theft of number plates and ride-along thefts of bags and mobile phones.


Our task teams on the 8.10.2022, arrested Segirinya Nalutulikye Emmanuel, a 33-year-old resident of Kajjansi KKB cell and Byamukama Emmanuel known as Medi alias Julius, a 30-year-old resident of Mutungo, for the theft of number plates under registration number UBG 329Z, that belonged to Asirye James of Kakoola Mutungo. We further established that on the 26.08.2022, Ssegirinya robbed the motorcycle of Tamale Vincent, a 39-year-old, farmer of Mutungo under registration number UEV215C Bajaj Boxer red in color. He also robbed another motorcycle under registration number UFB 598K from Nahwera Patrick, a 22-year-old, resident of Kanaba Lunya. He sold each of the motorcycles to Byamukama Julius at Ugx 300,000/= only.


We further established that Byamukama Julius onward sold the stolen motorcycle for a bigger profit to Kinene Badru and his son Wasswa Kasozi in Kibutika zone, Ndejje. On the 17.10.2022, the task team arrested Kinene Badru, who clearly indicated how he worked with Katuga Jamada, a specialist in the alteration of chassis and engine numbers of the stolen motorcycles. He further forged the log books, and there after sold off the motorcycles.


On the 19.10.2022, the task team arrested Wasswa Kasozi, a 26 year old, boda boda rider without a stage, who jointly dealt in stolen motorcycles with his father Katuga Jamada. One motorcycle registration number UFD 750R, was recovered from Musumba Nsangi parking yard in Kubutika Ndejje. The following day of 20.10.2022, the task team arrested, Muyimba Brian, a 26-year-old boda boda rider without a stage and resident of Katale zone Bukwenda, while in possession of a stolen motorcycle under registration number UFM 643P, bajaj boxer red in color, that was sent by Jamada to his son Wasswa to sell. The prime dealer, Katuga Jamada a 40-year-old boda boda rider and a businessman of Ndejje Kibutika zone was arrested, with an accomplice identified as Walukagga Ibrahim a 23-year-old, boda boda rider without a stage and resident of Aiden Ndejje. A motorcycle registration number UEX125F, that they had just stolen from Kabalagala, was recovered.


Other gang numbers who included; Kitayimbwa Ronald a 27year old, boda boda rider, with no stage and resident of Lweza was arrested.; Kasaka Roland, a 33-year-old boda boda rider at St. Mary’s Kawoto; Fred Namujuliwa, a 32-year-old boda boda rider at Bweya road stage and Nsamba Matiya, a 22-year-old mechanic at Katale and resident of Katale Kunsalo-Nsangi. The hunt for other accomplices is active and ongoing.


Upon their arrest, 12 motorcycles were recovered all Bajaj Boxers, red in color, under registration numbers UFM643P, UEO249Z, UED618E, UDW762J, UDY 161Z, UEX125F, UEB356N, UEN941D, UFD750R, UEX599T, UFG162W and UFH568F. Again, on the 21.10.2022, 24 more motorcycles were recovered from the areas of Kitende B, Kawoto B Kijapani, Sekiwanga and Lumuli for further verification. They were under registration numbers; UFG540B, UEV673B, UEU319C, UDV 863M, UEV577U, UFH173C, UFD364D, UFB921Y, UFF 572P, UFB322Y, UDW962G, UEL850C, UFG375T, UER530B, UFP220F, UEB356N, UEN941D, UEB256S, UEY081G, UFP436B, UEV797S, UFD618E, EFR760H and UEA006B.


The criminal gang led us to the arrest of 5 other suspects from White Nile Katwe, where the Chassis numbers, engine numbers were altered from and forged log books processed. They included; Kizito Geofrey, a 47-year-old mechanic and resident of Masajja; Asuman Kayondoo, a 40-year-old, mechanic of Makindye, Mukiibi Mike, a 28-year-old, boda boda rider of Ndeeba and Semukaya Yokosofati, a 35-year-old, boda boda rider of Salama. An additional 10 motorcycles were recovered from them. These include Bajaj motorcycles under registration numbers; UFH410T, UEY568J, UFA 007E, UFK449B (they had newly altered the chassis and engine number) and UFR964C. Also had TVs motorcycles under registration numbers UED548Q, UEX510C, UEL095S and a Boss motorcycle under registration number UFB054M.

The task team also cordoned off and searched 9 shops of dealers in suspected stolen spare parts. These include; MEAJIBU HARRIETS shop where 6 motorcycles engines, 2 motorcycle tanks, 5 handles, 4 cushions black in color, 11 shock absorbers, and 7 exhaust, EMMA’s shop were 3 motorcycle frames, 2 number plates, 32 log books and 1 switch were recovered. BUYONDO HASSINAN’s shop were 9 number plates, 12 log books, and metallic letters for branding number plates from A-Z; KIZITO GEOFREY’s show were 11 number plates and 3 log books were recovered; KAYEMBA MONDAY’s shop were 4 number plates and 103 log books were recovered; BWONDIKA SAIDI’S shop were 19 log books and 6 number plates were recovered, MAYENGO’S shop were 11 number plates and log books were recovered; KATENDE’S shop were 5 number plates, 2 TVs tanks, 3 black cushions and 1 motorcycle frame were recovered, and TABIA’S shop were 3 motorcycle engine’s 4 motorcycle tanks and 3 shock absorbers were recovered. The shops had evidence of handling or dealing in suspected stole motorcycles and spares. They were hotspots destinations for selling the stolen motorcycles and spares, thus encouraging the commission of the offences.


The list of 11 suspects who were arrested in the above operation includes; Kinene Badru, Katuga Jamada, Nalutulikye Segirinya Emmanuel, Byamukama Emmanuel Julius, Walukaga Ibrahim, Kasasa Ronald, Kizito Godfrey, Matovu Charles, Sssebowa David, Ssekide Rajab alias Maulana and Ssemanda Paul. The group is organised and disguise as boda boda riders with no stages. They simply ride around racing motorcycles for theft. They have recruited young boys/youth and trained them on how to pluck off number plates for a profit and also steal motorcycles.


Also recovered are motorcycles, 64 number plates, 170 log books, metallic letters (A-Z) for branding, 6 motorcycle tanks, 14 shock absorbers, 6 motorcycle frames, 7 cushions and 7 exhaust pipes. The majority of the motorcycles were stolen from the KMP area, and the suspects led us to the aeas of Kisingura zone – Mutundwe parish, Mackay zone- Lungujja Parish, Makamba zone cell 4 – Lungujja parish and Lower Konge zone-Buziga parish, which were all reconstructed.


A separate operation was conducted on the 28.10.2022, in the areas of Wansanso Muganzilwaza, where 6 suspects and 78 suspected stolen motorcycles were recovered. The 6 suspects include; Abine Brian, Tembo Sulat, Sekamanya Joseph, Kiddu Lawrence, Mujuni Herbert and Kawuma Ashraf. They led the task team to the recovery of the following motorcycles under registration numbers; UEL 502H ,UDH 258W, UEJ 822L, UDL 221M, UFL 683Y, UDP 461A, CHASIS NO.MD2418AX6NWKP4515, UDM 426K, UFP 222Q, UFC 323L, UFG 880J, UEN 863X, UFC 323L, UEV 131C, UDQ 469W, UEJ 746Z, UDX 578Q, UET 446K, UEL 674J, UFG 724T, UDH 504W, UDH 663Y, UDB 287X, UFC 730L, UDK 498Q, UED 721K, UDW 168K, UEL 725D, UDQ 203L, UFL 200F, UDP 378R, Chassis .MDZA18AZ8EWA37280.,UEH 900P, UDF 726N, UED 143X, UFH 193B, UEJ 156A, UFG 415A, UEG 909B, CHASIS, NO.MD2A18AA6MWB08246, UDY 662B, UEN 838P, UFP 515Y, UDM 802S, CHASIS NO.MD2A8AZ3DWG41205, UDT 245Z, UEY 158T, UDQ 720L, UDZ 106W, UEA 109W, UEK 880K, UED 369G, UDW 665Z, UDR 151S, UEG 494K, UDF 287U, UDQ 844F, UDZ 055V, UDX 777F, UFD 784P, UEC 473R, UEM 279S, UEM 674E, UDQ 906B, UEM 674E, UDY 076V, UDT 293E, UFN 271V, UDL 127E, UDH 184Q, UFK 314D, UEQ 056G, UDY 642F, UDM 285H, UDX 162C, UEO 764N, UDP 016T, CHASIS NO. MOZA18AX7NWK97259. Some of the recovered suspected stolen motorcycles, only had chassis numbers.


The arrest of the criminal racket demonstrates our collective resolve to rid the boda boda industry of criminal elements. The massive operation will help cause a reduction in the number of boda boda attacks and robberies. The intelligence led operations continue, and we would like to applaud the teams at RPC KMP South, crime intelligence, CID, DPCs Katwe and Kajjansi, and Flying Squad.






SCP Enanga Fred

Police Spokesperson

31st October 2022


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