120 Stolen motorcycles impounded in Iganga

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120 Stolen motorcycles impounded in Iganga

120 suspected stolen motorcycles were impounded yesterday, 78 parked at CPS Namutumba and 42 parked at Busembatya police station substation, following an ongoing verification exercise of  motor cycles in the region.

The operation to impound suspected stolen motorcycles was carried out following crucial information obtained from the four suspected thieves of motorcycles they pointed out various stages in Iganga and Namutumba where these motor cycles operate from. Against that background, Police in Iganga rounded up the said stages and impounded 120 motorcycles.

As respective owners come to claim for their motor cycles, we talk to them as well on safety security tips for owners and riders and traffic guidance signs, road markings and discipline generally.

We have partnered with handwriting experts from forensics and URA in the verification exercise. Upon completion of inquiries, the suspects are to appear in court.


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