1.0 General Overview of the TIP Situation in the Country
On average, 15 new reports of transnational trafficking in persons are registered per month since January 2014. The majority of the victims are female adults and the most common forms of exploitation are Labour and… Continue reading

Trafficking in persons (TIP) is one of the modern crimes that have attracted a lot of concern in Uganda. A Ugandan domestic law that guides the national strategies to fight TIP was enacted by the Uganda Parliament in October 2009. This law is called the… Continue reading

Following an attack on a congregation at the Mungumwema Pentecostal church in Mugoma parish, ApunyoSub County, kyegegwadistrict, the Uganda police force has deployed strictly to secure the area and prevent further loss of life and properties.
Last night at 02:00am as worshippers in the Pentecostal… Continue reading






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