Press Release

Yesterday, Monday, 7th December 2015, two reports were released by two organizations, namely, Amnesty International, and Transparency International.  We did not have the benefit of accessing and reading the reports before they were published.  Therefore, at this point we shall, only, make… Continue reading

Following the Electoral Commission’s Election Road map, general guidelines were issued to all Presidential Aspirants seeking to conduct consultative meetings in preparation for nominations. The guidelines are consistent with the provisions of Sec. 3 of the Presidential Elections Act, 2005, which clearly enjoins aspiring candidates… Continue reading

The Sunday Pepper of 26.04.2015 published a story under the headline “POLICEMAN SHOT JOAN KAGEZI”.
The paper reported that “The operative who was identified as Fred Egesa, formerly attached to the Police Violent Crime Crack Unit, the flying squad, was smoked out from… Continue reading

In the New Vision issue of Monday, 21st April 2015, a story under a highly misleading headline “ARMED MEN ATTACK KYEGEGWA” was published.
We wish to state categorically that there was no armed attack as the headline suggests or since the 27th June… Continue reading





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